NHPolitics is the oldest dedicated NH Political Site Featuring NH Politics and the NH Primary. Visit to catch up on New Hampshire Politics. We are teamed up with GunDealerDirectory.com, the largest online database of 75,000 gun dealers. We are gearing up to fight Hillary Clinton’s radical anti-gun agenda! She attacked Bernie Sanders during the primary because he stood up to her and refused to allow small business gun dealers who do everything right, do everything by the book, to be sued by her lawyer friends. Thank goodness Donald Trump doesn’t agree with that. Trump has received the NRA endorsement. NHPolitics.com, in a team effort with our sister site, GunDealerDirectory.com, will not be politically correct. And we won’t be polite, either. We endorsed Donald Trump in the NH Primary where he more than doubled his nearest competitor, John Kasich. And we helped Bernie Sanders fight off Hillary’s attacks and he beat Hillary and her anti-gun agenda to a pulp with a 60% to 38% win. We are now standing up to Hillary’s attacks on a national basis and will be focusing on other swing states, like NH. Along with other gun dealers all across this country we will not only be targeting Hillary’s radical campaign, but also the campaigns of her surrogates in below ballot races at all levels. Below you will find some animation and other samples of products we use in social media to communicate how Hillary and her crooked friends are attacking our rights. You will also find our videos and other products elsewhere on GunDealerDirectory.com. With your help, and the help of responsible gun dealers and gun owners all across this country, Crooked Hillary and her crooked team mates in down ballot races SHALL be defeated.

Hillary’s Campaign Is Wiped!!

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